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#JCON2021 - Oct. 8, 9:00 CEST Workshop @hildebrandttk online

Tests mit Docker #Testcontainers#deepdrive


#Docker & Testcontainers haben das Erstellen von…


#JCON2021 - Oct. 8, 9:00 CEST Workshop @ChristianM & @dirk_f5r online

Decoupled serverless microservices


We jointly implement some fundamental integration…


#JCON2021 - Oct. 8, 9:00 CEST Workshop Sebastian Späth online

@RapidClipse - Visual #JavaIDE


Die Funktionsweise von #RapidClipse in Verbindung mit #MicroStream


#JCON2021 - Oct. 7, 18:00 CEST @ntschutta online

Responsible Microservices


You can’t swing a dry erase marker without hitting someone talking about #Microservi…


About JCON-ONLINE 2021

JCON-ONLINE 2021 is the big international Java community conference organized by the Java User Group Oberpfalz in cooperation with JAVAPRO Magazine. Java is our profession and JCON our passion and a lot of fun. We love to provide Java developers a spectacular 100% live conference that is open to the entire Java- User-Group communities world-wide.

Last year, more than 2,000 participants from 51 countries worldwide have joined the JCON- ONLINE 2020.

The 5th JCON edition is presented as an online live conference for the second time. All sessions will be streamed live and recorded.

Focus on Core Java & Cloud-Native Java

JCON traditionally focuses on Core Java, Serverside Java, APIs and Frameworks because that's what we as Java developers work with every day. However, the main topic will be Java-Cloud-Native and Microservices, because this is the future of Java and must-have for Java developers.


Core Java

Serverside Java

Cloud-Native Java & Microservices


Cloud Platforms & Container


Frameworks & APIs

JVM Languages




Agile & Culture




IDE & Tools

Database Development


JCON Content Board

Richard Fichtner

Founder JUG Oberpfalz, CEO of XDEV Software

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate at JFrog

Markus Kett

MicroStream, CEO & JAVAPRO Magazin, Chefredakteur

Matthias Gutheil

branch manager & software architect at Itemis

Sandra Ahlgrimm

Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Sascha Hesse

Enterprise Architect Cloud Solutions at ALDI Nord SE & Co. oHG

Werner Keil

Director, Creative Arts & Technologies

parallel streams
main topics
live sessions

Featured Speakers 2021

Ivar Grimstad

Java Champion, Jakarta EE Developer Advocate
Eclipse Foundation

Emily Jiang

MicroProfile Guru,
STSM, Liberty Microservice Architect and Advocate

Graeme Rocher

Creator of Grails & Micronaut

Adam Bien

Freelancer, Buchautor, Java EE Experte

Reza Rahman

Principal Program Manager, Java on Azure at Microsoft

Eberhard Wolff


Hendrik Ebbers

Co-Founder & Senior Software Engineer
Karakun AG

Cesar Hernandez

Senior Software Engineer

Grace Jansen

IBM, Developer Advocate

Todd Sharp

Developer Advocate - Cloud And Autonomous DB

Mohamed Taman

Chief Solutions Architect @Effortel, JCP member, Speaker & Author

Mary Grygleski

Senior Developer Advocate at IBM and President of Chicago-JUG

Rory Preddy

Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate

Diana Cheng

AWS Solutions Architect

Marcus Hellberg

Head of Community at Vaadin

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UCI Cinema Duesseldorf, Germany, 2019

Our Partners 2021

Since the start of JCON, it has been the continuous support from companies and organizations partnering with us to help create events that bring the Java community together. We thank each and every one of our partners for their fantastic support! Please take a few minutes to learn about our partners and let them know you appreciate their support of our community! 

Are you interested in partnering with us? Please stop by our sponsorship page


Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. Red Hat Developer serves the builders: The problem solvers who create careers with code. Join us to learn more about Quarkus for developers and other related technologies.

Wherever you are in Java—from Java EE/Jakarta EE to Spring and microservices—Microsoft Azure supports your workloads and processes with an abundance of choice. Unload infrastructure hardware and software management to Azure with Azure App Service, Azure Spring Cloud, Azure Kubernetes Service, and fully managed databases so you can focus on writing code. Quickly add services and capabilities like DevOps automation, secrets management, autoscaling, and performance monitoring as your needs expand. We’re excited to see what you build with Azure.

Store and load any Java Object Graph or Subgraphs partially, Relieved of Heavy-weight JPA. Microsecond Response Time. Ultra-High Throughput. Minimum of Latencies. Create Ultra-Fast In-Memory Database Applications & Microservices.

Founded in 2017 in The Netherlands, AxonIQ also has people on the ground in the US, the UK, France, Mexico, Serbia, Finland, Spain, Poland, Italy, and Germany. AxonIQ offers an end-to-end development and infrastructure platform for smoothly evolving Event-Driven Architecture focused on CQRS and Event Sourcing. Our platform known as Axon includes a programming model and a specialized infrastructure to provide enterprise-ready operational support for the programming model - especially for scaling and distributing mission-critical business applications. The Axon platform consists of the popular Axon Framework and the built-for-purpose Axon Server. The open-source Axon Framework provides a clean, elegant Java API for writing DDD, CQRS, and Event Sourcing applications. Axon Server is a zero-configuration message router and event store, available in two editions. Axon Server Standard Edition is a free version, sufficient to get you started and run a small, non-critical application in production. Axon Server Enterprise includes clustering and multi-context support and targets mission-critical, medium to large-scale production deployments.

Azul, provider of the Java platform for the modern cloud enterprise,is the only company 100% focused on Java. Millions of Java developers, hundreds of millions of devices and the world’s most highly regarded businesses trust Azul to power their applications.

XDEV Software GmbH, based in Weiden/Bavaria, is a German software development company specializing in Java. Among other things, XDEV is the maintainer of various open-source developer tools.

Payara Services is a global open source company and a recognized leader in the creation of innovative infrastructure software for today and tomorrow. We provide industry-leading expertise, products, and services that enable our users to create world-class solutions across a diverse range of industries.

RapidClipse X is a visual Java development environment for the fast and efficient development of individual business applications. Save up to 90% development time.


Java User Group Oberpfalz is an open community to exchange ideas on current topics relating to the application of Java technology in Bavaria / Germany.

We offer contacts and exchanges within the regional Java community and regular talks and discussions on current Java topics.

JAVAPRO is the very first professional magazine for Java which is free of charge.